1How do I get the exclusive GP playmat?
Every player registering for GP Quebec will get a playmat. Some side events will also offer it in their prize structure.
2In what language are the prizes going to be?
All prizes and packs will be in English.
3Does everyone get the Promo Griselbrand?
Everyone will receive the promo card (while supplies last); usually there are enough promos for everyone. Rarely attendance is much higher than expected and there may be a shortage which is why we indicate (while supplies last). Pre-register early so we can plan enough ahead of time. VIPs are guaranteed the promo card.
4What is the maximum capacity for players at the Grand Prix?
Currently, the maximum capacity is for 1100 players. We will keep everyone updated on how preregistrations are doing so everybody can plan ahead.
5If there are too many players, will I not get to play in the main event?
If you are preregistered you are guaranteed a spot in the main event.
6I'm looking at registering for GP Quebec City, I just wanted to know if I register online if I have to be there on Friday October 23rd to check in as well
Check in on Friday is not required, the promo card will be given to everybody at the player meeting at the beginning of the tournament (while quantities last) on Saturday morning. On site on Friday, there will be a list of the preregistered players as of Thursday night. You will be able to check if the information and the number of byes are correct. This very recommended step will help us resolve any issues before they can happen. An updated list will be posted Saturday morning before the start of the tournament.
7Can I register my friend using my account?
You cannot sign in twice, you need to register your friend with his name, DCI and email address but you can pay with your credit card/Paypal account.
8What is the registration deadline?
Registration deadline: on site and online is Friday October 23rd at 10:00 pm, onsite registration is available until closing. There is NO registration on Saturday morning.
9What if we pre-register and then can't go? Will there be refunds available?
Players should register only when they are 100% sure to attend the event. The pre-registration promotion is to give us the opportunity to plan ahead of time in terms of number of players and space. We will not be processing refunds unless something affecting a large number of individuals happens, (tsunami, airport shutdown, sand storm etc).
10How many Grand Prix Trials will there be?
Grand Prix trials are firing up as soon as 32 players sign up; earliest is noon, latest is 8 p.m. In addition, there will be two special Grand Prix Trials that will start respectively at 10 am and at 5 pm.
11What is the prize payout for the main event?
The base prize payout is minimum $35,000 for a Grand Prix with fewer than 1,200 participants and pays down to 64th place. For more information on prizes, please visit Wizards' website.
12Are you allowed to attend GP Quebec City without registering for the main event to just spectate and see the vendors?
The event is open to the public, spectators and members of the press are welcomed!
13If I have byes do I need to be present for the player meeting?
Except for VIPs and players who signed up for the Sleep-in-Special, everyone needs to attend the player meeting at 9am.
14How will I know how many byes I got?
Byes are determined based on Planeswalker points. For more information on byes, please visit Wizard's website. Take note, that page only has Planeswalker Points based byes. It does not include byes from Pro Club, Hall of Fame, Trials, or any other source.

We will do our best to print a player list as soon as possible, you will find 1B, 2B or 3B next to your name, and the number represents how many byes you have. It's the player’s responsibility to make sure they bring a proof of the number of byes they have. A print out of your account with your name and the number of points or the results of the GPT you won.
15Will I be able to pay by credit card or debit card?
To speed up the process we will be taking only cash payments on site. If you want to register using a credit card, please preregister online. Some of the vendors on site may accept credit or debit cards payments.
16Do you accept US$?
Yes we do, the rate will be announced on site.
17What time do the side events start?
All side events are listed here. Registration for the side events start one (1) hour before the start time and end 10 minutes before.
18Am I allowed to trade on-site?
Trading is permitted on site, but the following activities are not:
  • Advertising without prior written permission from Game Keeper event staff.
  • Buying, selling, or soliciting to buy or sell cards to anyone except Authorized Dealers.
  • Altering cards in exchange for money or any other types of compensation.
  • Taking up excessive space while trading or transporting excessive amounts of trade stock.
Any of these actions may result in ejection from the Venue without refund.